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    Also known as THE LOOMII, Peter (Mystik) and David (Luminate) Loomis form a powerful psychedelic production, recording and performance project based out of San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR, respectively. Fusing their individual project monikers in 2007 the two brothers created a re-formed psychedelic production and performance project called MYSTIK LUMINATE. Currently focused on electronic dance music, their sound reflects primary influences including psychedelic trance, techno, house, and extending into other genres like dub, metal, rock, country and bluegrass.

    Mystik Luminate have been producing music together, DJing and playing live shows of their all-original sound as The Loomii up and down the West Coast since early 2001. They started off performing live PAs of essentially minimal and progressive techno with the early roots of psychedelica. As their production turned more towards the studio, their sound evolved even more and their understanding of dance music songwriting solidified.


    Starting in a warehouse in West Oakland in early 2001, the two brothers were reunited in California after many years since living together and playing together in garage style rock bands and in their parents own basement (in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) shaking the house and terrifying their neigbors with raucous and rambunctious "nervous noise" as their father would say.

    Besides being a programming master with synths, Dave (aka Luminate) rocks the guitar bigtime and has performed in many rock bands throughout his day. He also plays bass, drums and just about anything else you could throw at him, too...including the clarinet and saxophone. He has several releases as various rock monikers and will definitely drop D on that ass when provoked!

    Peter (aka Mystik) began playing a simulated violin at age 3 and has been deeply involved with music since then. Besides playing band instruments such as trumpet and tenor sax, Peter gravitated towards beat production, landing himself a 4 piece Ludwig drum set in high school which eventually ended up in a room the two carved out in their basement as their first practice "studio."


    Peter became exposed to modern electronic music while going to school near Chicago and partying in the 90s. He began exploring his connection to music in a deeper way by starting to DJ when he moved to New York City in 1998. He bought brand new 1200s, a new mixer and started scouring the city's records shops for the hottest tracks that he was hearing while out and about at various clubs such as Twilo, Vinyl, Limelight, the Roxy, among others. His connection to psychedelic trance evolved as did an exposure to various genres and touring masters from all over the world.

    The Loomii at Basswave MarinaWhen Peter moved to San Francisco in 2001, the two brothers were excited to rock again together but decided this time around to focus on electronic production. Enter the modern era... The Loomii began playing underground psychedelic parties with various groups in and around San Francisco, including the Phoenix Family and Rumor SF. They have played at the Phoenix Festival, Burning Man, in and around Portland and nearby Oregon, Joshua Tree, Costa Rica, and are excited to share their music with the world.

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